Awareness of neurodiversity refers to the breadth of human neurocognitive functioning. Some companies find advantages such as creative problem solving and greater attention to detail when hiring people with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Tourette's syndrome, anxiety, OCD, depression, and schizophrenia. So creating work spaces to accommodate for their employees is important. The hue of the walls can make a difference with emotional and psychological effects. Loud colors can overwhelm people while light greens and blues can be welcoming.

Photopea Filters


Bad Website

This website had so many errors. There is so much information on many different items with different sized and colored fonts. Pictures are scattered everywhere. I would start off by limiting the color choices to make it less chaotic. The first page would be a neatly organized index list in alphabetical order easy to navigate. By clicking on the item that is being looked for I would make it like other shopping websites where it wold be the common items on neatly ordered page then you click on which one your interested in to learn more information.

Coding In The Wild

I picked coding for statistic because like the girl who wrote it numbers come easily to me and I like learning about different fields that involve math. She codes computer programs that allow her to make sense of large sets of data. She needed to know C language in order to help her with R. She also uses SAS a lot.

Role of Government and Private Citizens Regarding Digital Data

I think there should be a balance and that the government should only be allowed to go so far with the information they are allowed to see. I think if there could be a third party to decide what crimes would make it so that the government could have access to the information on that phone that it could provide some privacy and protection along with it. Along with everything else that wouldn't work out perfectly and there would be flaws in that plan  but I think it is one of the better ones.

Information Found about Myself on the Internet

I found more information that had to do with my house and the price when I looked up my dad than when I looked up myself. I found mostly soccer picture of me which wasn't surprising but what did surprise me was the school information I found. What also surprised me was how I could see the cost of my house. I had know idea that you could find so much information that you would think would be private.